Larry A. Pines

Mr. Pines founded and leads his own trading and consulting business. He actively trades options and derivatives contracts and advises hedge funds, mutual funds, proprietary traders and family offices on equities and options trading strategies and risk management and managing equity, ETF, commodities and foreign exchange derivatives portfolios for large financial institutions and proprietary trading firms. Mr. Pines has served as an adviser to two law firms on options trading litigation related to the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme for trials in Massachusetts, Delaware, Washington and Bermuda. He has also advised law firms on cases related to investment fraud and stock trading in District Courts in New Jersey and Iowa. Mr. Pines has also advised an investor in preparation for an arbitration hearing with a registered investment adviser in New York.

Mr. Pines has 27 years of experience analyzing and trading financial markets and has been a member market maker on the New York Stock Exchange, Chicago Board of Options Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Philadelphia Stock Exchange and Pacific Stock Exchange. He has also traded derivatives contracts in the over-the-counter foreign exchange market for Chase Manhattan Bank and Bank of New York. Mr. Pines specializes in trading equities and options on equities involved in special situations such as mergers and acquisitions, spinoffs, hard-to-borrow stocks, Dutch tender offers and rights offerings.

Mr. Pines’ expertise includes modeling and simulating trading strategies, designing and executing multi-legged options trades, analyzing equities and options trading patterns for signs of fraud and explaining industry best practices for trade execution and reporting.